Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A Service level Agreement that Boosts your Sucess

DCS Global promises to respond substantially to our customer’s support needs. We back that promise through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) crafted for each of our customers based on DCS Global’s benchmark SLAs and the manufacturer’s SLAs for the specific products in your video conferencing solution. Our service level agreements aim to ensure you get the best possible experience from DCS and for the products you choose.

Here are some of the tenets at the foundation of every DCS Global SLA:

  • Immediate email response to your email support request

  • A meaningful response from one of our team within the timeline specified in your SLA

  • Resolution to your service issue in a timeline that helps you with your business and internal customers. For example, a standard Customer SLA often includes an immediate ticket tracking response, a call-back within 30 minutes, problem resolution or escalation within 60 minutes, and a four-hour response time for a plan of correction. Within 24 hours our Customers typically have issues resolved or a clear course of correction in place.

Other components of SLAs may include:

  • Opening an opened ticket (if needed) with the manufacture.

  • Timeline specified for a fix, repair, or RMA

  • Timelines for on-site support if requested and part of your contract

  • The SLA helps our customers know what to expect and puts in place consequences for us if we fail to meet those expectations. The exact timelines and expectations are detailed in each customer’s SLA.

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