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Epiphan now supports Zoom integration!

Zoom and Epiphan are a good combination because they complement each other in providing an exceptional video conferencing experience. Zoom is a popular video conferencing

Is E-Ink the future of digital signage?

E-ink devices ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels) are the ultimate digital signage evolution for several reasons. Firstly, E-ink ESLs use electronic paper display technology, which mimics

Charging and Digital Signage?

Yes, EV charging stations can be a great venue for digital signage. With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, more and more charging stations are

Upgrading AV Avoid the Nightmares

Written By: Randy N. Marcotte We have a lead!  Fundamentally, AV partners like DCS Global and Perfect Video Conferencing, Inc. love that sentence. We are

DCS First Line Support

Written By: Alex Perales Hello- My name is Alex Perales, Director of Customer Care at DCS Global. I often watch our sales team work with customers

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