DCS approaches every customer solution with a methodical plan that, when followed end-to-end, results in success. Starting with the initial engagement, where DCS listens to what a customer’s issues are, all the way to project completion with, if necessary, continued management and monitoring of deployed solutions.


All DCS engagements start with listening to our customers. Every customer’s needs are unique and require undivided attention. Assessing your challenges and needs, then, brings the process of meeting them.


Our close partner and distribution relationships and agreements ensure that all components of your solutions are available in the quantities and timeframes needed.


Our vast knowledge and experience of the latest products and technologies go into our customers’ designs. We choose and design the right solutions – to fit your budget and provide high quality, simplicity, and innovation. If you have brilliant ideas, we have the most creative designers in the industry.


All customer solutions are assembled and tested in-house, ahead of delivery, to ensure they’ll be up and running immediately at their final destination upon deployment.


More advanced solutions may require development to tie individual components all together. Our development teams span all major areas of software and hardware development.


We work carefully to ensure all facets of deploying solutions (shipping, delivery, installation, testing, and verification) are defined, presented, approved ahead of time to ensure successful installation and operation.


Keeping solutions running at all times is paramount. Managing, maintaining and monitoring solutions is a 24×7 job and requires the utmost attention. DCS management services ensures maximum up-time and accessibility.

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