Workplace Management

DCS offers solutions to manage your hybrid workplace, facility wayfinding, office hotelling, conference room management, and employee engagement.   

Space Room Management


DCS brings in solutions that allow intuitive office seat allocation software. The power of editing your floor plan and presence modules gives you the ability to design a space for your employees while being able to see who is in-office, remote, and on leave.


Tools for the newly created Way of Working


DCS brings in solutions of office mapping engine, simple to use for hoteling and seat management, and visitor management tools make hybrid management a breeze.

Conference Room Management


We offer bi-directional syncing so that your conference rooms stay organized. You can add catering and route room requests so that your guests can easily find the room they need. Finally, make sure the rooms are ready for their arrival by checking the status.

Seating Management


To form a seating strategy for your organization, use our simple-to-use reservations, schedules, and assignments.

Office Presence


You can understand who is currently in the office and who will be in the office in the future.