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Innovative Collaboration Solutions for Valued Partnerships and Customers

We believe business is about relationships and relationships are about communication. When you use the latest technologies to make communication more effective, it solidifies those relationships and allows your team and customers to devote more time to creating new ones. Perfect Video Conferencing/DCS is here to help you harness the relationship-building power of Advanced Collaborations tools facing inwards or externally. Our suite of managed services will magnify your effectiveness in a way that makes the value of our collaboration services easily recognizable.

Our Video Conferencing Solutions
Build Better Partnerships for Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

We feel what we do is important, and we feel how we go about doing it is equally
important, which is why we aim to be true to our guideposts of partnership, innovation and value in everything we do.


We don’t consider ourselves a VAR (Value-Added Reseller), rather we are a VAP – Value-Added Partner. Your success is important to us, and we believe we have the resources to make you more successful. In order for us to understand how those resources can best be applied, and to help you understand the value of using those resources, we make the investment to be more than just a vendor. We seek to learn about the needs of your business, your objectives, and your challenges so we can be as effective as possible in creating solutions that will be the best for you.


Networked Collaboration tools have been evolving at a progressively rapid pace, and that promises to continue. We are innovation junkies, so Perfect Video Conferencing/DCS is always seeking to learn about the latest technologies and trends. We carefully analyze them and determine which makes sense to integrate into our suite of products and services. This allows us to provide you with the most current, most-viable solutions for your business.


The gee wizardry of new technology is exciting, but that excitement fades quickly if your business can’t see the true benefits from the investment in those technologies. Perfect Video Conferencing/DCS understands there must be an identifiable return on your investment. Throughout our relationship – from learning about your business to crafting a collaboration solution, to implementing a solution to ensure it can be fully leveraged and to providing ongoing education and support to secure the longevity of your purchase – PVC/DCS puts your business in the position to realize the best possible return on your investment.

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