Content Management Systems

How does CMS work?

A content management system (CMS) allows individuals and businesses to create, curate, and distribute engaging digital signage content while empowering IT teams to scale under centralized control. Traditional signage solutions can require proprietary hardware that is hard to service, expensive to maintain, and lacks the management tools required to control the network. But our Internet of Things (IoT) ready digital signage solution is flexible, interoperable, cost-effective, and scalable while enabling IT staff to easily consolidate siloed systems.

CMS Functionality

Point, Click, Drag and then Drop

  • You can resize, adjust settings, add media or text, and with the click of a button, your content will be live on the screen.

Variety of Widgets

  • Natively includes over 20+ widgets for you to use for easy content creation.

Easy Media Management

  • From your desktop upload images, slides, videos, and other media to the library. All media will be saved in the cloud and accessible anytime.

Total-Content Customization

  • Select any color, gradient, or motion clip to optimize your background, media, and fonts.

Content Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling and Playlists

  • Drag and drop the template sequence to create playlists and schedule content
  • Set individual or group template time of duration 
  • Built-in live preview of the created playlist

Real-Time Reports and Proof of Play

  • Review a list of how many times and how long content has been played
  • Assess the performance on all media assets that are played, exposure time, and play count

Online Status, Health, and Admin Control

  • View the connectivity status of all screens and what playlist is displaying
  • Media player status, name, and most recent time of content update
  • Create sub-users with limited or full access

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