DCS Global is a company that values providing exceptional support to its clients. Our approach to support is based on our core principles of value, partnership, innovation, and excellence. We believe in providing value to our clients by offering them cost - effective and efficient solutions to their collaboration and AV support needs. We understand that every client is unique, and we strive to develop a partnership with each of them to ensure that we are meeting their specific needs.

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Setting the Stage for Dynamic Collaboration and Video Conferencing Perfection

Our commitment to being dynamic in our approach and perfect in our results is reinforced by our commitment to providing world-class support. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) details these commitments.

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Manufacturers that Offer the Same Support We Do

Each of our carefully selected manufacturer partners has a robust support system to further ensure our customers success. Our role at DCS Global and Perfect Video Conferencing is to be both your primary point of contact and your liaison with the manufacturers. You may choose support directly with us or go direct to the manufacturer. We will help you choose the right customized plans for your needs.

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Our DCS Global Collaboration, Solution and Conferencing Promise

Whether it is answering a question or resolving an issue, we believe our customers should expect professional support. Our team of experts is there to provide it. Our team is dedicated to an easy, seamless approach that supports your success.

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