What We Offer

DCS offers a wide variety of solutions that spans single-site organizations to global operations, internally or partner-wide.

Cloud Solutions

DCS can help you determine the proper architecture to deploy your organization’s applications and storage initiatives – whether the right choice is a private, public or hybrid cloud.

Data & Analytics

Big data and its visualization are key to today’s data-driven organizations. DCS’s experience in gathering, analyzing and presenting that data is helping companies work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Digital Signage

DCS offers intelligent displays, kiosks, and direct view LED to meet the challenges of getting an organization’s message distributed. DCS also offers video content generation and analytics to provide an end-to-end solution for signage needs.

Internet of Things

IoT is many things to many people. DCS enables you to navigate its many components, from sensors to gateways, cloud storage to edge computing and its many protocols to determine the right solution.

Health and Safety

DCS’s newest and growing pandemic solutions can help you keep up with ever-changing access requirements and your adjusting efforts to meet them.


Getting solutions procured, delivered and installed are no easy feat. DCS offers logistics from small to multi-national deployments worldwide.

Network Services

From LAN to WAN, from Wi-Fi to 5G, DCS experience enables seamless communications throughout an organization and across the globe.

Unified Communications

DCS offers high quality collaboration services options that are leading edge and affordable. Ranging from desktop to large room environments, DCS has something for every need and every environment.

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