Kiosks & Digital Signage

Kiosks & Digital Signage are self-service units that provide customers with engaging content and information with or without a friendly touchscreen interface. This type of self-service tool has many benefits and can be used for applications including retail sales, information sharing, wayfinding, tourism, and more. Interactive kiosks connect to the internet and can utilize DCS’s digital signage solutions when not in interactive use. Content is completely customizable and can be easily updated remotely.


Indoor / Portrait Kiosk

The Estrella is a portrait-oriented indoor kiosk that are fabricated with either a single or dual screen. This elegant, yet durable system can be sold with a 32″, 43″, 55″, or 65″ 4k touchscreen. Estrella provides static or interactive digital content. Its portrait-oriented platform is powered by a Windows PC or media player. It delivers. captivating 24/7 experience in any unattended public environment.
The Estrella is offered with or without a touchscreen feature and presents unrivaled clarity while informing or selling your message to the public. If selected, the DCS PCAP touchscreen provides easy interaction and incredible responsiveness with any self-service application. Available in a variety of colors or with custom branding, the attractive steel and stand support the various screen sizes with no exposed cables, wires, or ports.


Outdoor / Portrait Kiosk

The Valencia is a durable, IP 65 rated, self-service kiosk that provides digital content in any outdoor environment. Supports 32″, 43″, 55″, or 65″ dual or single-sided displays. The DCS Valencia is an ultra-thin reliable, self-service kiosk that provides digital content in any outdoor environment. It runs a variety of software applications from Digital Signage to Interactive Wayfinding and Directories. Powered by Windows PC hardware, the Valencia features a sealed, water-resistant, IP65 rated enclosure. In addition, a thermostatically-controlled, heating and cooling fan system prevents the LCD display from “blacking out” in extreme temperatures.
The all-steel, zinc-plated, powder-coated kiosk also holds up to harsh weather conditions such as direct rain, bright sunlight, and snow. Valencia’s LCD display is offered with or without touchscreen capabilities in 43″, 55″, and 65″ single or double-sided formats. Other options include custom colors, branding, or vinyl wraps as well as integrated peripheral and mounting alternatives.


Indoor / Wall Mount Kiosk

The DCS Acadia kiosk is the perfect solution when you have a message to communicate and space is limited. Utilizing a 32″, 43″, 55″, or 65″ display, the kiosk system provides large format viewing for a variety of self-service applications.
The integrated Windows PC along with our PCAP touch screen delivers an unparalleled interactive experience. An ultra-thin bezel and flus wall mount bracket is included with all purchases enabling the Acadia to seamlessly integrate with any wall space. The Acadia can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation.


Outdoor / Wall Mount Kiosk

The Corsica is an IP 65 rated outdoor kiosk designed to be mounted on a wall. Get your message out there with either a 32″, 43″, or 55″ sunlight-readable screen. These kiosk systems provide a large format viewing for a variety of digital signage and self-service applications. They are perfect for unattended public use as there are no exposed cables, wires, or ports, and include your choice of custom colors, branding, or vinyl wraps.
The Corsica features a sealed, water-resistant enclosure as well as heating and cooling systems that are thermostatically controlled to keep all the electronics temperate, even in extreme weather conditions. Powered by a Windows PC, the DCS Corsica kiosk is a new generation of interactive signage that delivers digital content for all your outdoor marketing needs.


Indoor / Landscape Kiosk

The Sienna is a landscape indoor kiosk with a built-in Windows PC. The Sienna can be outfitted with a number of peripherals and various branding. Sienna kiosk provides superior computing power for a full range of applications such as digital signage or interactive content. The Sienna’s durable enclosure and stylish profile has no exposed cables, wires, or ports. It is easy to install and designed for 24×7 unattended, indoor environments.
The Sienna’s large format LCD is perfect for broadcasting your message and self-service use while its small footprint is ideal for public spaces. Its sleek stand supports a 32″, 43″, or 55″ display and comes in a variety of colors or with custom branding.

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