Estrella: Indoor Portrait Kiosk

The Estrella Kiosk is a durable, indoor, self-service kiosk that provides digital content in any indoor environment.



The Estrella is a portrait-oriented indoor kiosk that are fabricated with either a single or dual screen. This elegant, yet durable system can be sold with a 32″, 43″, 55″, or 65″ 4k touchscreen. Estrella provides static or interactive digital content. Its portrait-oriented platform is powered by a Windows PC or media player. It delivers a captivating 24/7 experience in any unattended public environment.

The Estrella is offered with or without a touchscreen feature and presents unrivaled clarity while informing or selling your message to the public. If selected, the DCS PCAP touchscreen provides easy interaction and incredible responsiveness with any self-service application. Available in a variety of colors or with custom branding, the attractive steel and stand support the various screen sizes with no exposed cables, wires, or ports.

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