Customer Success Case Study: Userful Corporation and DCS Global

Written By: Randy N. Marcotte Introduction: A Partnership That Redefines Connectivity and Efficiency  In an era where digital information transformation is pivotal for growth and operational efficiency, the collaborative effort between Userful Corporation and DCS Global stands as a beacon of innovation and customized solution delivery. As the President of DCS Global, I’m thrilled to […]

AV Vendor Selection and Product Choices

Written By: Rich De Brino Welcome to my blog post! I’m Rich De Brino, COO of DCS Global and generally our Operations “director” – though our team really knows this game well.  I am thrilled to share my extensive experience in the world of AV and collaboration services with you. Throughout my long and fulfilling […]

Enabling Revenue Attainment Through DCS Global Tech Solutions

Written By: Craig Jacobson Having spent more than two decades in the U.S. Military and more recently in a command-and-control centric role, I’ve seen a lot of things.  This experience has made me somewhat of an expert in sniffing out points of potential failure. I wanted to offer some suggestions, Revenue Officer to Revenue Officer.  […]

How has Covid changed the way companies use Audio Visual services and video conferencing?

Written By: Garry Broeckling The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically evolved the way companies use audio-visual services and video conferencing. When social distancing measures were in place and remote work became the norm, companies increasingly relied on audio-visual services and video conferencing to facilitate communication and collaboration among employees, clients, and partners. Lesson learned changed the […]

Is E-Ink the future of digital signage?

E-ink devices ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels) are the ultimate digital signage evolution for several reasons. Firstly, E-ink ESLs use electronic paper display technology, which mimics the appearance of printed ink on paper. This makes the displays easy to read and consume, even in bright sunlight, without any glare or reflection. Moreover, the displays are energy-efficient […]

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