Temperature Screening Kiosk

Temperature Measurement Walkthrough Metal Detector

Temperature Screening Kiosk

Conducting temperature checks on employees and visitors has become commonplace for many businesses, hospitals, grocery stores, retailers and a host of others. Temperature screening kiosks can help stem a crisis and optimize a return to business as employees and guests return to work and entertainment venues.
DCS’ Temperature Screening Kiosks is equipped with an infrared temperature sensor/detector and the system provides an alert if an individual is running a fever. The system uses an algorithm for fast detection temperature accuracy.

Mounting Options


  • • Uses an Algorithm for Object Heat
    and Fast Temperature Detection
    • Thermographic Accuracy
    up to ±0.9° F
    • Android Operating system and Software Included
    • 10-Point PCAP Touch Screen
    • Heat Map Interface
    • 1 Second Refresh Rate
    • Scan Range from 20” to 39”
    • Information Able to be Synced to
    Multiple Tablets
    • Records Stored Locally to the App
    on the Tablet, Cloud Storage
    Coming Soon
    • CE, FCC, RoHS Certified


• Hospitals, Medical Clinics
• Grocery and Retail Stores
• Bars and Restaurants
• Commercial Buildings and Malls
• Gyms and Health Centers
• Hotels and Resorts
• Nursing Homes
• College Campuses and Schools
• Local Government Buildings


• Non-contact Measurement to Avoid
Physical Contact
• One Second Per Person for
Skin-Surface Temperature Detection
• AI Detection, Greatly Reducing False

Hardware & OS





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