Temperature Screening Door

Temperature Measurement Walkthrough Metal Detector

Temperature Screening Door

DCS’ Temperature Screening Door uses thermographic technology for contactless temperature screening. The camera’s AI detection function accurately targets the skin surface. The detector also supports metal detection. It is suitable for safety inspection of dangerous goods and is widely used in public events, high-profile locations, etc. It is recommended to be used in an indoor, windless environment.

Bundle Includes



  • 160 × 120 Resolution (Thermal), and 4 MP Resolution (Optical)
  • Thermographic Accuracy
    ±0.9° F (±0.5° C) w/o Blackbody
    ±0.5° F (±0.3° C) with Blackbody
  • Non-Contact Face Temperature Measurement with Accurate Personnel Matching
  • Displays Walkthroughs, Metal Alarm Times, Real-Time Temperature, People in Abnormal Temperature.



  • Detects 1/2 Paper Clip Size Metal. Can Exclude Items (e.g., Belt Buckle)
    Multiple Detectors Can Work Abreast at Same Time


    • Indicates Metal Position on Body (maximum 18 Areas)
    • Set 100 Frequencies, with Different Ring Tone for Each
    • 255 Sensitivity Levels
    • LEDs on Detector Sides Indicate Position of Prohibited Goods
    • LCD Screen
    • Stores Sensitivity Parameters
    • PVC Shell Material


  • Set Up Screening Checkpoints
  • Perform Preliminary Screening

Thermal Module


Optical Module


Thermal Module

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