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Audio Visual

Why work with PerfectVC & DCS Global?

There’s a reason Perfect is our first name.
Perfect is the standard we measure ourselves against, and it is the standard we want our customers to use too.
AV Integration
We are experts at integrating video conferencing with the latest Audio Visual technology to provide you with a comprehensive, elegant business solution.
The Conference Room
From design through solution deployment and management, we bring video conferencing to any conference room you need.
VoIP and Cloud Consultations
Our expertise in VoIP, video bridge services, and other user training can help you design the right solution for your enterprise. There are too many choices and we can help.
The Mobile Experience
We can help extend the reach of video conferencing beyond the special conference room and out into the world – meet PERFECTLY on any device, anywhere, anytime.
Support and Management
We know our Customers must be able to realize the long-term value of their investment. We don’t just install and disappear. Our commitment to Customer satisfaction means we provide more than a video fix to an immediate need.
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Philosophy & core values

We at PerfectVC/DCS Global have four core values: partnership, value, innovation & excellence. 

We believe that communication is important to build and maintain relationships in business. By using the latest technology, we can communicate more easily and spend more time creating new partnerships.

Our family of companies can help you make the most of collaboration tools such as HD video conferencing, digital signage, multipurpose kiosks, and managed services. These tools can help you be more effective and recognize the value of your technology choices.

Video conferencing is our specialty. We have invested years in developing exclusive partnerships with the leading video conferencing providers.
We are among the top providers of telephony solutions. We know ShoreTel inside and have helped innumerable clients design and deploy VoIP services.
Cloud or On-Site?
Our engineers will help you decide what’s right for you. Whichever you choose, we have the tools to help you find the best business communication model.

Our Mission & Values

We believe business is about relationships and relationships are about communication. When you use the latest technologies to make communication more effective, it solidifies those relationships and allows your team and customers to devote more time to creating new ones. Perfect Video Conferencing/DCS is here to help you harness the relationship-building power of Advanced Collaborations tools facing inwards or externally. Our suite of managed services will magnify your effectiveness in a way that makes the value of our collaboration services easily recognizable.

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